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The wiring of a swamp cooler is not complex but if you have never wired up a motor before, or feel uncomfortable with electricity, it is advisable to hire an electrician to wire up your cooler. This is a multi part series with the first part in this post showing a example of how a cooler switch is wired up. Motors and switches wiring can change from different manufactures. Be sure to always follow the schematics from the manufacture for any motor or switch.

Swamp Cooler Start Up Albuquerque

The wiring of a swamp cooler is not complex but if you have never wired up a motor before, or feel uncomfortable with electricity, it is advisable to hire an electrician to wire up your cooler. This is a multi part series with the first part in this post showing a example of how a cooler switch is wired up. Motors and switches wiring can change from different manufactures. Be sure to always follow the schematics from the manufacture for any motor or switch.

A swamp cooler needs Power to run two things. A blower motor blows air into a building and can be either volts AC, or volts AC, and will also have connections for low and high speeds. When voltage is applied to the low side than the windings in the motor would turn the motor slower, when voltage is applied to the high side than the windings in the motor will turn it faster. While the hot wire black wire goes through a switch to the motor, the common wires white are all tied together to complete the circuit when the switch is flipped.

A evaporator switch is the most common way of controlling a swamp cooler, although thermostats can also be bought to control a cooler. The above is a basic wiring schematic for a swamp cooler switch. Always follow the schematics that come with the switch that is bought, this is only an example. On the left side is the wiring coming from a breaker with Black hot , White common , and Green ground. The Ground wire is simply connected to all the grounds with a wire nut.

The common wires, usually white, are all connected together including the common side of the water pump. The Black wire or hot side is connected to the switch and will give power to the proper setting when the switch is turned. Here is an example of a volt swamp cooler switch that is wired in. This is the hot wire Black coming from a breaker.

Red wire coming from low side of blower motor. Yellow wire going to hot side of water pump. Black wire going to high side of blower motor. The switch will have the low and high side from the blower motor connected to it, along with the hot side of the water pump. As you can see from the simple diagram above the only real worry to focus on is wiring the hot side black wire on the bottom in the picture correctly into the switch. The wires coming from the hi and low side of the motor need to be connected properly as well as the hot side from the water pump.

Since the common wire white wire simply completes the connection it does not need to run through the switch. The same with the ground green wire. Keep in mind that simply because wiring color coding is supposed to be followed, Black hot , White Common , it is always a good idea to double check. Especially in older homes where the wiring may not have been done correctly. If you are replacing a switch or doing a new install from scratch yourself than this will not be a problem, as you will be able to spot if the wrong wire color coding is being used.

Where can a swamp cooler Switch be bought? Swamp cooler switches can be usually be bought at any hardware store. They can also be bought online at Amazon or eBay. All information here is for qualified HVAC technicians. Its either on the front of the cooler or the wall. Iam having the same problem and the moter is new. Buying a new moter switch.

If your moter is real old it could mean your moter is bad and tired. Your moter switch relays high and low amprage. I replaced my cooler and wired it the same as the old. When its on Low it barely blows anything at all. The cooler is an identical replacement with same size pullies and blower. I have v to high when on high and 23v to low side. When on Low I also have v with 23v to high side. Thank you for posting this! HI I m trying to switch my swamp cooler switch to an electronic control switch.

Mine looks just like the diagram above. THe new electronic control switch has a 5 wires. The extra wire is a white control wire. Where does this go? Or can I just cap it off? My Master Cool water pump does not work. The thermostat has good voltage of 24 volts. I suspect the controller now. Hi I have a swamp cooler with a Dial Thermostat. When I put it on Cool nothing works?

My swamp cooler only runs the pump on low cool. The high cool only speeds up the fan, the pump stops. Any advice? I have a question, my cooler has stopped working on the high setting. We switched out the motor and now we switched out the switch. What could it be? There must be a broken connection with the wire somewhere between the switch and the high side of the motor.

Most likley it is in the junction box in the cooler with the wire nut, but could possibly be a cut wire also. Let us know what you find. But I have to say thanks anyway. I have the three wires coming from the pump and four wires coming from the motor which means, I think, that I have an extra wire for the pump, orange.

Am I hooking up both the black wire directly from the pump and the orange wire from the motor in the same spot that you have the yellow wire. Most all water pumps are volts the same as a household appliance. One wire will tie in with the others common , and the other wire Hot will go to the cooler switch that completes the connection. The third wire on the pump will be ground. Be sure to look at the schematic. Your email address will not be published.

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Go through the local requirements for the wiring of electrical devices. Then, connect the ground wire to the appropriate screw on the cooler's electric box and . The next post is “How to wire a swamp cooler thermostat”. The water pump is what pumps water up to the cooling pads and is almost always.

Wiring a window- or wall-mounted swamp cooler is usually as simple as plugging the cooler into an outlet and switching it on. Normally there is no heavy duty supply harness to be run or thermostat connections to be made, as are required by air conditioning systems. However, some swamp coolers are located on roof-mounted platforms, and these require the installation of a multi-conductor cable between the cooler and a switch positioned conveniently in the home. Wiring the switch is a straightforward and uncomplicated project.

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Wiring Diagram Swamp Cooler

Ingrid ingrids. I have a swamp evaporative cooler and ducted heater which have both been connected to the same thermostat remote control, a Bonaire Comfort Control remote. I was interested in purchasing a basic Honeywell system, however the wiring diagrams make no allowance for a brown wire see picture. The retailer does not believe joint wiring on the Honeywell is a possibility. In fact, I havent found any thermostats that make allowances for brown wires, other than the original Comfort Control remote, which is no longer produced.

Evaporative Swamp Cooler Switch Thermostat Wiring

New merch: Question Re: Swamp Cooler Wiring March 18, 1: Can anyone help me understand this situation? It looks like there are five wires going up from the switch box -- white, green, red, black, and blue. It's the blue wire that goes from the switch box to nothing, and there's a corresponding unconnected wire coming down from the cooler that looks vaguely blue the wires are very dusty. From the info I'm able to find, that blue wire appears to go to the water pump. My question is, if the pump wire is disconnected, wouldn't the fan motor still work?

Know where you plan to use a swamp cooler and how you plan to install it before you make your purchase.

The swamp cooler is an excellent device to cool down and moisturize your living area, especially if you live in a dry and hot climate. The way the cooler works is pretty simple, but very efficient: The appliance can be used to condition air both inside and outside the house, depending on your requirements. Here are the steps you should follow in order to install the swamp cooler.

Evaporative Cooling

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Installing and Maintaining Evaporative Coolers

A swamp cooler—also known as an evaporative cooler—is a popular way to cool a home or business in New Mexico. Using water to chill outside air and push out hot air, a swamp cooler can cool and humidify a room. For nearly 90 years, the professionals at Wagner have been helping the people of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Rio Rancho with residential and commercial swamp cooler start-up, shutdown , repair, and installation services. Our industry-trained technicians are swamp cooler experts. Trust the oldest heating and cooling company in New Mexico with your evaporative cooler maintenance.

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Some formatting inconsistencies may be evident in older archive content. This makes them an excellent option, particularly in hot, dry areas of the country. An evaporative cooler is a simple device consisting of a fan and a water-wetted pad. A small pump recirculates water from a sump which is part of the cooler cabinet to keep the pad wet. The fan draws outside air through the wet pad, making the air more humid but colder. This air is blown into the house, forcing the warmer air in the house to be exhausted out open windows or through a vent into the attic see Figure 1.

How to Wire a Swamp Cooler

Y our swamp cooler is one of the hardest working appliances in the summer time. In the peak of the summer heat here in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho they are often turned on early in the morning and left to run well into the evening. Swamp cooler maintenance is important to make sure the unit is running efficiently. Regular maintenance by a HVAC professional ensures that the cooler will have a long life span and swamp cooler repairs are kept to a mimimum. Swamp Cooler Maintenance. Evaporative coolers at the beginning of the season should be cleaned, oiled and checked for problems.

Cost to Install Evaporative Cooling

Welcome to our Do-It-Yourselfer swamp cooler wiring article. If you arrived here directly from the internet, you may want to visit our other swamp cooler information and swamp cooler installation pages first, and then return here. Swamp Cooler Installation: Ductwork Swamp Cooler main page: All about the "Swamp" Swamp Cooler Maintenance Swamp Cooler Roof Installation The best time to rough in your swamp cooler wiring and water line for your new cooler is after the holes are cut through the roof and ceiling, but before the ductwork is installed. The attic will be relatively cool because of the natural ventilation of the heat exiting the roof.

How to connect new thermostat to ducted heating and swamp cooler

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How to Wire a Swamp Cooler - Evaporative Cooler Water Pump
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