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There is so much noise surrounding dating and how things should be. Society, our friends, and our parents all tell us that we should make ourselves more available and socialize more often if we want to find a soulmate. As a result, taking time out to get to know your personal needs and wants requires you to get to know yourself better. Taking yourself out on solo dates is a great way to enjoy being single and allows you to get to know yourself a lot better.

Swiping Sober: One Woman's Guide to Dating Outside the Box(ed) Wine

Well, this post is definitely for you. Eventually, It all changed when I realized three important truths. You should only care what you think of you and maybe of them… lol. And finally, being a strong, independent woman who takes care of herself is a reason to be proud of and not ashamed of. You come home, make some tea, sit down in your armchair, and all around you is silence. Sure, we go places by ourselves all the time —the grocery store, the mall, driving to pick someone up, but — these are tasks and NOT dates!

I know this whole idea may sound a bit intimidating at first or maybe even pointless because why should you spend an evening alone if you can go on a date or hang out with friends. But in fact, there are many physical and psychological benefits to spending time alone. Spending time alone strengthens your sense of independence and confidence which can help you build mental strength , it pushes you outside of your comfort zone which is always a good idea and it can spark creativity.

Alone time will allow you to recharge, to reset your mind, unwind and relax without the pressure of the environment. Dating yourself will help you to connect with who you are and will teach you valuable things about yourself which will lead to personal growth. Plus, you can do whatever the hell you want which is always fun.

Dedicate a specific day and time for your date as you would do with another person. Plan this date night like any other. The plus side? On the contrary, show up for yourself. Take a shower even shave your legs for the good feeling , put on makeup and something pretty and comfortable. Your favorite pair of shoes? First, take a deep breath. Although it may seem like it at first I assure you everybody is not looking at you.

Be present at the moment. Be in a Leisure state of mind. Pro Tip: Try not to go to your default cellphone staring you can do that back home. Here are some fun ideas for your uno quality time. Why not make it a date night? It might be weird at first but once the theater goes dark nobody will see you anyways so no occurred stares. I mean go outside and be one with mama nature — whatever that means to you the beach, the woods or the local park. Go for a little walk, enjoy the hopefully sunshine and quietness.

Music is a great addition but no phones! There is something magical and therapeutic about seeing the sun come up first thing in the morning, or when it goes down at dusk. Go to your favorite bookstore and spend the appropriate amount of time picking the perfect book. My top 5 best happiness books to read for some inspiration this year. The plus is you can go at your own pace without feeling rushed or needed to wait on someone. I love picnics as they combine my two loves — food and being outdoors.

If the weather permits take yourself on a picnic to a local park, the beach or a pocket garden near you. You can pack some snacks or just grab a takeaway from your favorite place. I think retail therapy should be recognized as part of our health insurance with its mental benefits LOL. Go out and buy yourself! Not something you nee d, something you want.

Pro tip: If you extra serious about dating yourself — pick yourself some flowers on the way home. Make your time alone at home special. Need I say more?! Oh yeah. Try to cherish this solo time and unplug. Yes, yes — a whole night free from phones, Instagram feeds, Facebook posts or anything like that. Take a deep breath — you have nothing to feel embarrassed, self-conscious or weird about. So next time you go out on a date with yourslef rise your chin up high and be proud of your own company.

Tell me, do you ever go on dates with yourself? Do you find it easy and natural or super uncomfortable? Which dates are you more likely to try? Would love to hear from you in the comments.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then stick around because today I'm sharing my epic guide to dating yourself and why every girl. Have we forgotten how to date the most important person, ourselves? Yeah, you read me right. Yourself. Check out this beginner's guide to.

What if your dating life no longer needed to be an uphill struggle? What if you could connect deeply with the type of woman out there that you would love to have in your life? What if a loving and fulfilling relationship became a real accessible thing, rather than an elusive dream? The fear of the unknown, the fear of needing to be the perfect man and I kept women at arms length. I was scared of rejection and I was scared of getting hurt.

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Of course, other people date for fun, to use people, or to cope with their insecurity and a host of other reasons. But, the pure purpose is to get to know the other person on a deep and romantic level. But, how well do you know your own personality, dreams, and values?

6 Reasons To Take Yourself Out On Dates

The options are endless for our generation. You can spend hours swiping. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people are just another swipe away. However, there is also part of me that wishes things could go back to how they used to be. Does that happen anymore?

Dating Myself

How come no one ever talks about the importance of dating yourself? We are constantly on the pursuit to find a soulmate but are rarely told to invest time into ourselves. Think about it, how much time do you spend getting to know your significant other? Maybe your single, but spend time chasing after your idea of the perfect partner. When you date yourself, you will begin to discover things about yourself you have never known before. I noticed this when I started spending more time alone. In this last year alone, I feel like I have learned more about myself than I ever have in my entire life. I used to dread being alone. I hated the feeling of not knowing anything about myself, despite feeling like I should.

I remember myself some years ago embracing the world of online dating. Dating brings out all our fears and vulnerabilities.

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The Epic Guide to Dating Yourself (and why you should!)

Self-dating is underrated and I aim to make it come back. Only a very slim selection of my friends can actually spend quality time dating themselves. I know I am not in a good frame of mind when I am hunting down people to go to places with. What are you doing today? I know I am in a great frame of mind when I am setting my alarm for 7am, at a restaurant by 8: It is going to be a good day. What was holding me back before? Was it the insecurity of having to deal with being by myself for extended periods of the day? I have to admit, when you make the initial decision to start dating yourself, the first outing can be a little daunting. You ask yourself, why have you resorted to dating yourself? But I will tell you this, after dating yourself steadily for a couple of weeks, months even, you start to treat yourself differently and you start to realize that the way you date yourself is the way others should be dating you.

6 Easy Ways to Date Yourself

Whether you have a partner or not, self-care is a vital step to understanding and maintaining who you are. These simple ideas are ways to practice getting to know and date yourself — we could all use a little more love! Try one of the ideas below for dating yourself. One thing that couples do on a regular basis to keep things exciting is traveling or taking a trip together. Think of it as a mini-retreat where you can treat yourself, get to know yourself better, and relax with the number one person in your life: Try getting dressed up just for you! Adorn yourself with pretty jewels cute shoes, being sure to wear the styles that make you swoon.

Your Ultimate Guide to

Self dates are a real thing that more people should be aware of. The idea of dating yourself is not as uncommon as you would think. Many people have reaped the benefits of taking themselves out on dates. It is important to treat yourself every once in a while. Dating yourself does not mean that you have to neglect your significant other — it means that you take time to do things that you love and enjoy. You already know everything about yourself and have already established some level of comfort so there is no need to be stressed out. The outcome of going on a date with yourself is that you can get your mind off of stress.

Dec 14, What is this concept and why does it work?! I came up with it when I was going through my own personal mini-self reflection crisis after a 9 yr. I had started to date other guys but realized I didn't know what I wanted or who I was as a woman so how could I expect someone else to know? It was important that I became a great partner to myself especially before asking someone else to join in. So when the next offer came up for dinner and a drink, I declined and took myself out instead! And guess what? It was amazing!

There are a million different reasons a person might choose not to drink alcohol, and every single one of those are valid. Still, alcohol plays a very big role in dating culture, and those who don't partake in a couple cocktails are presented with a unique set of challenges in the quest to meet someone special. Dating while sober may feel exponentially more difficult, but it can lead to healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Nothing feels more empowering than living a life true to your values or needs — and being unapologetically yourself. We are living in a cultural moment where meeting someone through a dating app is more likely than trying your luck in the wild.

Why is being alone such an awful fate? One of my favorite brain wranglers, a clinical psychiatrist named Dr. David D. Burns, M. Burns has seen his fair share of miserable singles, and he found one thing they all had in common:

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