Dating a guy who has a baby on the way

Dating a guy who has a baby on the way

I feel like I've been hit by a freight train. I have no clue what to do. I don't want to judge him. I'm far from perfect. Unfortunately, I've been in your shoes.

Dating a Guy With Kids? 6 Things You Must Find Out!

As someone who is married to a man who has multiple children with different women, I know all about baby mama drama. This subject makes my head hurt simply because it's so stressful being in a relationship with a man who has baby mama drama. It doesn't have to be though. All it takes is for everybody to know their role and stick to the script. A lot of people don't realize that the man in the middle is the director of this soap opera.

But some men just don't take that job seriously enough, which always leads to trouble and chaos. Most men tend to fall asleep at the wheel when it comes to making sure everyone knows their place in his world. He would just rather let the chips fall where they may instead of just being honest with everybody. Let them decide to stay or go. If the new woman in his life cannot accept the fact that he has a child, then she needs to kick rocks.

Nobody should ever come between a parent and their child. With that being said, the man needs to take responsibility as a father and as a lover so that he can manage the relationship between his baby mama and his new love interest. Baby mama drama refers to the drama caused by the mother of your man's child or children. The man will always be in the middle of this urban battle, but only if he doesn't stand up and be the man that he should be.

He has to be honest with both parties. He has to respect both parties. He has to be open with both parties. He also has to make sure that both parties know and understand the most important part of all of this is the child. The most common mistake that a man dealing with baby mama drama makes is he just can't seem to cut the sexual ties with the woman who bore his child. Continuing to have that kind of relationship sets off a chain of events that could have easily been avoided.

Easier said than done, I know. But it has to happen in order for the child to be raised in a stable environment, even if mommy and daddy aren't together anymore. The man needs to practice some restraint and have some dignity. If he truly values and cares about making a new relationship work, he cannot continue to be involved with his baby mama. Like I said before, the man holds all of the cards. The women involved can only play with the hand he deals them.

He has to make it clear to the woman that he is involved with that the relationship with his baby mama is focused strictly on the well-being of his child. He has to also be sure to keep her informed of all of the activities, meetings, conversations or any other direct contact that he may have with the mother of his child. I know this may sound extreme but keeping her involved and informed on what's going on will lower the chances of distrust and insecurity on her end.

You'd be surprised at how big of a deal having open communication about these types of things is. If the man can clearly set boundaries and communicates with his new girlfriend openly, much of the baby mama drama goes away. He also has to do the same with the child's mother. Although this may not go down so easy, it's all about the approach. She may not want another woman around her child that she does not know—plain and simple.

That will be her first argument, but that's not all. This is a very delicate situation, because they may not have parted on the best terms, so, therefore, she may have her guard up about anything and everything her ex is involved with including who they're with. So this can make things complicated, but he still has to let her know what's going on. He needs to explain to her that he has another woman in his life, which may be something that she really does not want to hear.

But he has to let her know anyway because if she finds out that her child was around a person that she does not know, god forbid what would happen next. That's why he should tread softly and watch his approach. He has to let her know that he has taken an interest in another person. Hold on—he has to be quick with this though.

He should also let her know what this woman means to him. She may give him the eye and believe me all men know the "eye". But he still has to let her know this only if he is serious though so that way she can know that he respects and cares enough about this woman to tell her about her. She'll respect that. I'm not saying that she'll like it, but she will respect that. Some men feel a strong connection to their baby mama. The fact that they had a child with this woman gives them a special bond.

If your man is having trouble breaking away from his baby mama, you have to let him go. Set some boundaries about what kind of behavior is acceptable and if your man crosses the line, take a hard stance. At the same time, you have to find that balance and understand that your man is always going to have a special bond with his baby mama. Here are some reasons why a man goes back to his baby mama over you.

Keep in mind that these reasons are not your fault! The man is the main actor in this drama, and his choices impact both sides. Even when you take steps to keep the baby mama in the loop and feeling comfortable with you dating her ex, she may still be jealous of you and your relationship. Here are some signs that show she is jealous of you. I had no feelings for him at the time. I just knew that was the first thing that I crossed out on my "I need a man list," no baby mamas!

This man had a couple of children. Long story short, he made me go oooh-wee, and things changed for the both of us. I found out that this man was not an ordinary man, and I will explain what I mean about this. Ladies, this man would call up his baby mamas with me right next to him. He would put these women on speakerphone.

He did this so that I could hear what his relationship with them was like. He didn't do this one time. This man did this every time they called his phone. Just by him doing that, it opened up trust and confidence in my relationship with this man. There are rules and boundaries that you cannot cross when dealing with a man who has a child with another woman.

Be mindful that if you're truly planning on making a life with this man, you have to respect his child's mother. She may not like you, but as long as you're showing her the respect of being the mother of his child, then her hate for you will prove worthless. How can you hate someone who respects you? This advice that I'm about to give will be hard for some to grasp. Those who have strong wills and cool heads will receive this advice as it is. When it comes to your man dealing with his child's mother on matters concerning their child, it is in your best interests to stay out of it.

Your relationship is with him, not the baby mama. You and your man can discuss the issues concerning both the baby mama and child, but he must handle his issues with both alone. If you find out he's still having sex with the baby mama, you have to let him go immediately, unless you're into sharing your man. I hate to tell you this, but if you found out that your man has slept with his baby mama while the two of you have been together, it will not stop.

Those ties have yet to be severed, and they won't be until either of them are ready to do it. There's nothing that you can do to make them stop. One of them has to say enough is enough. Here are five tips for dealing with baby mama drama. Always try to have some patience and compassion as it's not an easy situation for the man to be in. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

So much of this article is BS! I hope most of you gals will find a more reliable source of information. So to all the stepmoms out there, yes you have to respect babymom as the babymom but that is all. Also the biggest mistake Babydads make is not cutting sexual ties with Babymom? I am sure there are alot of fuckboys who use the fuck out of their babymom and mentally abuse them and gaslight them into thinking that they are special so he can continue to be a jerk.

Stay away from any man who was ever in a toxic on again off again relationship with his babymom. If you know any man has a history of abuse and not treating women right, why would you be with them? This is ridiculous. I don't see anywhere that Babymoms should inform babydads if they meet someone. I don't see why it even concerns the babymom. As long as he doesn't introduce her to the kid as gf without saying anything it is okay and the Babydad can let her know when he is ready.

Do they get permission everytime they bring their kid around every friend? If your BD feels like he needs to do this maybe you need to consider where his loyalty lies.

Then he drops a bombshell, his Ex is having their baby in July. you think could work for you? just date a cool guy who just had a baby and can fix your truck?. He found out she was pregnant 3 days after they broke up, which was almost a year ago. He said that since he’s been dating me their relationship is strictly about co-parenting and the anticipated arrival of their newborn. If our relationship progressed would I feel comfortable.

This is a sticky situation i have found myself in. I will try to make this as easy to understand as possible. I recently started college in August, around September i met this boy named Cory who worked at the University. He was really cute and showed interest in me.

As a woman who doesn't want kids of her own, I've always been a little apprehensive about dating someone who has a child.

Dating a divorced or single parent? It goes without saying that your partner and their kids are a package deal.

Baby Mama Drama & Dealing With Your Man, His Ex, & Their Child

Before Noah, I had very little experience with children. I'm an only child, and I never baby? I have a cat. I feed her once a day, clean the litter several times a week and return her occasional affection. This has seemed to satisfy any maternal instincts I might have.

“My New Boyfriend is Having a Baby with Someone Else”

Would you feel comfortable seeing your man having some chat with his baby mama? There will always be issues about their child which needs both parents. You have to know that you can never act being the mother if the mother is still around and wants to take responsibility of her child. These are important things for both parents to be involved and if he does not do these things when with you then know that he is not the right guy for you because he will definitely miss his responsibility even if you get to marry him. If you have just started dating even though you have good intentions but he will always make sure that his child is protected from you to avoid some inconveniences until he has gained so much trust and can bring him to you. You do not have to feel insecure when he is always talking about his child and cannot allow you spend time with him. Guys love their kids a lot that they can even break up with you if you try to do something bad to their kids. So, they will always try to maintain the relationship that is there between their baby mama and their kid. Remember this is his first child and the only one he is so sure of.

You're going to want to hug them and bond with them, but it'll be better if you relax and hang back.

His recent ex is actually pregnant by him. When she got pregnant, he told her the best thing would be to get an abortion.

Best advice I ever got for dating a guy with kids: Be like a cat, not a dog

Falling in love with a person who has a child can be scary and overwhelming—a whole lot of serious within a short time. But take it from me—it can open your eyes and your heart in ways you could have never imagined and will be unlike any other relationship you ever will have. I am 23 years old, a recent college grad, and have been in a relationship with a man from my small hometown for only about five months. My boyfriend has a three-year-old little girl from an ex-girlfriend of five years. I met him only about four months after his relationship ended and I jumped headfirst into a whole new scene I had never been a part of before. I have learned so much already, but I am well aware that I still have a lot to learn down the road. I had noticed that there seems to be an increase in relationships involving people who have children from previous relationships and I would have loved to have a little advice beforehand myself. The following are a few little hints if you really want to make a relationship work with a mommy or a daddy:. You will need to be able to be flexible and agreeable to this because otherwise it will create a rift. Dinner, drinks, movies, trips, etc. Be understanding and patient.

Dating a guy with a child on the way?

I found myself in this exact scenario: Certainly not. The kids will always come first. If one of them got sick or he needed to be there for them in some way, our life was put on hold. It was difficult at first but I had to remember that kids deserve that from a parent.

7 Tips About Dating Guys Who Have Kids

When I was online dating, I filtered single dads out of my searches. There was no way I'd ever get involved with a man who had that kind of baggage. Who needed to date someone with an ex and children in the mix, since dating was already complicated enough? Then at a party, I met a man who took me by surprise. He was warm, kind, funny -- so different from the jerks I'd been dating. Sparks flew.

Guy I'm dating has a baby on the way

I need your advice about my situation. We go out on dates at least times a week. My only dilemma is that he has a baby on the way. His daughter is due in September by his ex girlfriend. He found out she was pregnant 3 days after they broke up, which was almost a year ago.

New Here? Dear Wendy is a relationship advice blog. You can read about me here , peruse the archives here and read popular posts here. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for visiting! To his credit, he has been very open with me about it and disclosed the pregnancy on our second date. He has been very understanding, supportive, and communicative.

Photo Courtesy of Big Stock Photos. You're ready for a committed relationship, maybe marriage. Maybe you've already met a fabulous guy. He's everything you've always wanted in a partner: Oh, and he has kids. Now maybe you have kids and maybe you don't. If you do, you're a little ahead of the game because most parents understand the unconditional love and responsibilities they have for their kids.

Babymama 101: Dating someone who has a child🤔
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